Repair Rescue is designed to repair damaged hair. It is formulated with potent Peptides that nourish, restructure and repair hair from the inside out. Replenish the inner structure with renewed elasticity, resurfacing cuticles for remarkably healthy-looking hair with a soft silky feeling.

As we age, hair can become weak, limp, brittle or dry due to a decrease in Keratin production.
Time Restore uses Q10 to stimulate the hair’s natural keratin synthesis to provide strength, elasticity, hydration and protection against thinning, resulting in fuller, softer, shinier hair.

Discount Wednesday Bronzed Body Spray Tan:
Save $15 on a NORVELL Full-Body Spray Tan on Wednesdays ONLY!

NORVELL Tan Solution Options (choose one):

  • PREMIUM Spray Tan $25 (regular price $40)
  • QUICK RINSE Spray Tan $35 (regular price $50)
  • COSMO Organic Spray Tan $35 (regular price $50)

Other solution option available upon request:

  • LUXE OIL Express Spray Tan $20 

Discount Wednesday spray tan prices are valid only on Wednesdays and must be redeemed at time of purchase. Development time for tanning solution is 8-12 hours. The Quick Rinse solution develop time is 1-4 hours. Plan your day to avoid water while solution develops on skin. We recommended a spray appointments be made a day or two before your event. While spray tans fade in about 7-10 days, your color is at its peak 24-48 hours after being sprayed.

Color Freeze freezes the color pigments deep inside the hair matrix for optimal color. When hair is adjusted to the optimal pH of 4.5, the matrix around the cortex is tightened and stabilized, keeping the color pigments frozen deep inside the hair structure. The hair surface is perfectly sealed, providing a long-lasting protection.

Featured Products of the Month:

Schwarzkopf BC Hair Care

Smooth Perfect is designed to take control of thick, frizzy, coarse or curly hair. Formulated with Keratin to control frizz, reduce tangles, minimize styling time. protect from thermal heat as well as humidity. Hair  becomes smoother with a visible shine. and easier to manage.

​​Moisture Kick is formulated with Hyaluronic which has the ability to attract and hold moisture, delivering optimum levels of hydration to even the driest hair, improving strength, increasing shine and eliminating static. Hair becomes supple, shiny and moisturized, full of elasticity and bounce. 

Volume Boost offers body, bounce and care to fine and limp hair without overburdening it – infusing every hair strand with moisture, stability and fullness. As a naturally-derived protein derivate, Collagen is widely used to bring back hair's suppleness, leaving hair feeling fuller, with lasting body and a natural looking shine.

​​​​Featured Enzyme Facial:  Yuzu Sakura Facial $60

Medium Intensity / All Skin Types / Hyperpigmentation / Aging / Acne
​Includes: skin consultation, cleanse, enzyme exfoliation with steam, extractions where most needed, mask, treatment serums, and SPF moisturizer.

Yuzu Enzyme: This citrus enzyme is made of Yuzu Fruit (or Japanese Grapefruit) with the addition of Lemon creating  an aromatic antioxidant  with a lot of tart!  Also formulated with Citrustem™ which are orange stem cells to assist in stimulating collagen and densifying the dermis. Turmeric stimulates blood flow for toxin detox and Bisabolol reduces inflammation.
Sakura Mask:  This plumping, creamy, hydrating mask contains a combination of Honey, phospholipids, sphingolipids, and Hyaluronic Acid which are used to repair the lipid barrier of the epidermis and to increase water absorption thus improving the skin’s ability to hold moisture. Sakura Flower Extract is a strong antioxidant known for diminishing oxidative stress while brightening the skin. Paired with Black BeeOme™ and Bisabolol to restore the skin's natural microflora and soothe skin irritations.

Upgrade featured facial with increased exfoliation and add an acid for an additional $15.

Sake Peel:  Reduce fine lines, soften texture, and fade dark spots with a Sake Peel. This gentle yet effective peel is formulated with a blend of enzymes and skin regenerating acids to perfectly resurface, hydrate and brighten skin. Add Sake Peel to your facial for a more advanced exfoliation and to infuse skin with powerful antioxidants that nourish and protect skin for a healthy glow.

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